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When replenishing a trading account in the personal Cabinet on the company's platform iTrade traders credited the corresponding bonus, with a table which can be found in this section


* The status is assigned to the client depending on the amount of all his investments in the trading account in the Personal Account.
* Bonus is provided to the client 1 time for each type of account.

* Indefinite use of the status is possible only if there are funds in the accounts in your personal account that would meet the conditions of the selected Status.
* If the Client's Account is not used for 3 months or more (i.e., no transactions are performed on the account, there are no open positions, no funds are withdrawn), a monthly fee of 50 EUR is entered for its maintenance. This commission is fixed for all types of accounts.
* Risk FREE - this service provides for reimbursement of the first loss-making transaction of the client. Reimbursed as a percentage of the loss incurred (Stop Loss). Valid only for first transactions for all assets except cryptocurrency.